Trinity Institute

Theology in Community

What is Trinity Institute?

Trinity Institute is a continuing theological education program founded in 1967 as an outreach of Trinity Wall Street, an Episcopal parish in New York City. The Institute’s annual National Theological Conference equips clergy and laypersons for imaginative and catalytic leadership. The conference presents emerging and inclusive theological perspectives and engages participants in inquiry, dialogue, and reflection. We welcome participants from all faith traditions. 

How Can I Participate?

There are two ways to participate in Trinity Institute. NOTE: The 2013 conference has concluded. 

1. Attend at Trinity Church in New York City and participate in all of the talks, panels, facilitated reflection groups, worship, and reception. 

2. Via Partner Site. Churches throughout the country fully join the conference via webcast and participate fully in the talks, panels, and reflection groups with their local communities. Join a partner site near you, or apply to become one. 

What is the Topic of the 2013 Conference?

The Good News Now: Evolving with the Gospel of Jesus will take up the challenge of telling the story of Jesus today. Read more about the theme here.

Who are the Speakers?

The opening keynote speaker is distinguished evolutionary scientist and popular author David Sloan Wilson (Binghamton University). Speakers include renowned theologians Stanley Hauerwas, Elizabeth Johnson, Chung Hyun Kyung, Derek Flood, Otis Gaddis, III, Kimberleigh Jordan, and Almeda Wright. Read more about the speakers here.