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Trinity Church Wall Street continues its eight-year-long partnership with Hour Children, an organization that works with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children. Each year, volunteers help facilitate job skills workshops for Hour Children’s Working Women program, which helps formerly incarcerated women enter or re-enter the workforce.

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The rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church Wall Street has now moved into its fifth month and the work has continued to unveil chapters of the three-hundred years of parish history. Trinity’s Vicar, the Rev. Phillip Jackson, explains some of the intriguing new discoveries of the rejuvenation, and the creative architectural solutions to current challenges. Read more

If you’re a gamer, or you know one, you’ve noticed something very cool about Marvel's Spider-Man, a new action-adventure PlayStation 4 video game that dropped on September 7: Spiderman climbing Trinity Church.

The Rev. Winnie Varghese, Priest and Director of Justice and Reconciliation at Trinity Church Wall Street, preached recently at the Communion Service at Greenbelt, an annual festival of arts, faith, and justice in Northamptonshire in England.

A radio program called All Things Considered (not the NPR version) that’s produced by BBC Radio Wales devoted a half-hour to Greenbelt 2018. The full coverage is interesting and worthwhile, but if you don’t have time to listen to it all, you can Read more


Employees of Aurora Lampworks install new electrical wire into a 216-year-old chandelier in St. Paul’s Chapel. 

St. Paul’s Chapel’s chandeliers were reinstalled last week after restoration and cleaning. The chandeliers, which bear the hallmarks of Dutch workmanship, were Read more

The rejuvenation of the Trinity Church nave is offering clues that help recall the view people would have had from the south churchyard more than a half-century ago. It’s a reminder that the past often lies just one or two layers below the present.Read more

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"Mediation by itself is like using a garden hose to put out a forest fire, when what you need is rain over the whole area,” appealed the Most Rev. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, as he addressed the UN Security Council this morning. Partnerships between the UN, member states, and faith communities are crucial to provide hope and mediation in areas of conflict, such as the horrors that Rohingya refugees have faced in Myanmar.

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You are invited to attend Sunday's 9:15am Holy Eucharist, a relaxed, joyful, and engaging 45-minute church service, designed specifically to be accessible to adults and children of all ages and those new to church, with a short sermon and music both traditional and new. Chat and enjoy coffee and refreshments before and after the service.

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From August 10 through the 12, the weekend of the Perseids Meteor Shower, guests gathered at the Trinity Retreat Center for a God and the Cosmos themed retreat. Guests explored time, space and the universe through the dual lenses of science and the Abrahamic faiths--and enjoyed a movie in the old barn! Learn about upcoming retreats and book your visit today.

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Music is both a tradition and a ministry at Trinity Church Wall Street so the two-year period of rejuvenation of the church nave will include the first completely new organ since the current church building was completed in 1846. Choosing, building, testing, and installing a new pipe organ are complex tasks, as Julian Wachner, Trinity’s Director of Music and the Arts explains in this video segment, and the benefits to Trinity’s neighborhood will continue for decades.Read more