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James Melchiorre

The Rector of Trinity Church Wall Street traveled to Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, NY for a Holy Week visit with some of the men incarcerated there, and to seek their input on Trinity’s ministry.

The Rev. Dr. William Lupfer goes to the maximum-security prison each year to meet with students working toward their Master of Professional Studies degree, offered by New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) and funded by Trinity.

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Mel Baker

Trinity is delighted to congratulate Ellen Reid for winning the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in music for her ground-breaking opera, p r i s m. Commissioned and produced by Beth Morrison Projects in association with Trinity Church Wall Street, p r i s m was performed by The Choir of Trinity Wall Street and NOVUS NY under the direction of Julian Wachner, who premiered the work first with LA Opera and then at the Read more

Rainah Umlauf


There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street

and being the noise.


Palm Sunday is a story of faith in the streets. The streets are crowded – and noisy. Jesus enters town on a borrowed donkey and wearing dusty sandals. He is surrounded by people – normal, working people – and is Read more

SK Doyle


During this season of Lent—a time to engage with our own mortality, practice self-examination, and spend time with God—Christians around the world meditate on Jesus’ journey from life to death and from death to resurrection. We wrestle and sit with questions that followers of Christ have been asking since antiquity: what does it mean to follow Jesus, really? And how might we be falling short of that?

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Mandy Culbreath

I’ve always wrestled with the story of the prodigal son. I think it’s because I always saw this as one of the most definitively human stories the Bible offers: humankind’s return from exile. The son, we are told, went to a far-off country and spent all he had. This parable invites us to embody this unique human condition as we begin our approach to God.

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James Melchiorre

A group of 27 pilgrims from the community of Trinity Church Wall Street is traveling through the Holy Land this week, following the footsteps of Jesus, and visiting the places associated with his birth, ministry, and the days leading up to his public execution. This land brings the stories of scripture to life and has been a crossroad of major cultures and faiths from prehistory to present day. The Rev. Daniel Simons of Trinity and Iyad Qumri, a native of Jerusalem and a tour guide for more Read more

Metha Balasquides

Like the Parable of the Barren Fig Tree, we sometimes need manure so that we can bear fruit again. Many times, we can’t see our own bubbles, the structures and patterns in which we have enclosed ourselves until someone else shows us.  For these and many other reasons, we exist within communities. We can help each other, even when we can’t see that we need help. 

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Rase De Los Santos

I often think about all the people who have made a positive impact on the world through their words, actions, courage, and big hearts. I think about how they started their journeys alone or with a few people who believed in their vision. I think about how their journeys remained difficult, but they continued to move forward on their paths to spread peace, love, equality, and justice to the people around them.

I think about how Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and his family Read more

Mike Florio

Throughout my life, the Lord has led me from fear, confusion, drug addiction, and jail. The Lord led me out of homelessness and into housing, from being lost spiritually to the salvation I have found at Trinity’s 12:05 service. God led me from devious people to priests, sisters, and humanitarians. The blessings the Lord bestows on me are endless.

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The Annual Vestry Election will be held on April 23, 2019, Easter Tuesday, as specified under the 1697 Charter.

January 20, 2019, through April 23, 2019 is the period of discernment where potential Vestry members of Trinity parish are identified and proposed both for the 2019 election slate, as well as for future years. The discernment process is as follows:

Any eligible member of the congregation* may submit recommendations to the Parish Nominating Committee. All Read more