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Congregation members of all ages are invited to attend “Out and Away,” Trinity’s first Parish Family Weekend from May 30 to JRead more

The Rev. Dr. Roger A. Ferlo began the second half of the 2003 Lenten Preaching Series by exploring our modern-day anxieties fRead more

www.trinitywallstreet.org has been nominated for a Webby, the most prestigious peer-reviewed award for websites in the world.Read more

Trinity Choir and the Rebel Baroque Orchestra will jointly present the annual Palm Sunday Concert.Read more

Invoking Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Rev. Barbara Crafton launched this year’s Lenten Preaching Series at Trinity Church on MaRead more

The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, complementing a series scheduled for Carnegie Hall, will launch a residency with Trinity beginRead more

David Jette, head verger for Trinity Church, shares highlights from his February trip to witness the Enthronement of the ArchRead more

Success stories from the Industrial Areas Foundation, a group empowering community leaders with training and strategies.Read more

National Public Radio airs a story about worship in America on the Sunday after war breaks out in Iraq; Trinity Church is feaRead more

An article published by the Anglican Communion News Service the day after war began between a coalition of forces leadRead more