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The Hudson Square Summer Music Festival promises to be delightfully unlike New York's standard festival fare. In its third year, after the initial promise of a duet between car-horn and brass, the bar has been raised.Read more

A leading association of Nigerian Christians is calling for the country's constitution to be strengthened to reinforce religious liberty in Nigeria.Read more

The experiment in alternative worship going on at St. Paul's Chapel in downtown Manhattan does not simply "jazz up" services-- it also gives parishioners an opportunity to keep their faith focused and relevant.Read more

The Grants Program of the Parish of Trinity Church, Wall Street, has turned down a $146,000 grant request from the Episcopal Church in Rwanda.Read more

Religion writer Susan Erdey offers this guide to a new territory, where theology and science are separated by a mere cutting edge.Read more

Garrison Keillor, host of the popular public radio program, A Prairie Home Companion, shared thoughts on comedy and the Gospel in Trinity Church this Spring in Trinity Television’s series, The Real Bottom Line. Some extracts...Read more

100 years after Tolstoy's excommunication, the Church has no wish to re-examine the novelist's views, reports Andrei Zolotov of Ecumenical News International from Moscow.Read more

Pope John Paul II is to decide whether to canonize a 6th century intellectual, regarded as a person ahead of his time, report Luigi Sandri and Edmund Doogue of Ecumenical News International.Read more

Russian intellectuals are trying to revive an ideology that has fallen out of fashion, reports Ecumenical News International from Moscow.Read more

It has not been our way to exclude those with whom we disagree, but for debate to be constructive there must be a basic trust and respect for one another, writes Canon Andrew Deuchar.Read more