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Andre Delbecq believes that the spiritual practices of Silicon Valley executives provide keys to effective leadership.Read more

"...It’s done; it’s over. He’s dead. But in an even greater sense, Jesus is just about to complete his God-given work in thisRead more

Confirmation classes begin Sunday, April 7 at 10 am, culminating in reception into teh Episcopal Church on Pentecost.Read more

"This class is about your forming and discovering your relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Not your mother's or your fathRead more

Exploring how “faith might begin to think and feel its way through the nightmare” of September 11, Rowan Williams delves intoRead more

Few know St. Patrick as he really was, a poet and apostle who produced a body of revered religious writings.Read more

When the mighty crescendo of the first cascading trade-center tower began, the music stopped. Trinity's organ has not been plRead more

A special performance by the Trinity Choir and Rebel Baroque Orchestra. As is often the case for the choir's performances atRead more

Parish elections are scheduled for April, 2002.Read more

Penned after his experience at Trinity on September 11, Writing in the Dust is Rowan Williams's reflecton on "how faitRead more