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In the Episcopal Church, many elements of the liturgy are relatively stable from week to week–the Lord’s Prayer, for example, the Eucharist, the creed, the blessing, etc. But you’ll notice that every Sunday the readings change, and so do certain prayers. How are these selected?

Well, get ready for some complicated liturgical calculations.

One: The Lectionary

The first piece of the equation you need to know is the Lectionary.

The Episcopal Church Read more

In October and November, expect some exciting developments at Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel: a newly renovated organ will be installed at St. Paul’s, and a new color of paint with an impressive historic lineage will be displayed in portions of Trinity. Both projects will affect how we experience our worship spaces for a period of time. Please see the details below.
St. Paul’s Chapel
Accommodating the installation of a renovated organ means Read more

There are only about two dozen Torahs written by women in North America. Beginning on Rosh Hashana, one of them will reside in St. Paul’s Chapel, where Tamid synagogue has held services since 2012. 

As reported recently in the Wall Street Journal, this is the third Torah Read more

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at the City Hall news conference surrounded by religious leaders. 

Members of the community of Trinity Church Wall Street—clergy, congregation, and staff—protested the decision this week by the Trump administration to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.  DACA, as the program is called, Read more

Today our prayers are with those suffering the effects of Hurricane Harvey, which has devastated communities in Texas and continues to cause flooding in the Houston area. We offer this prayer from the Rt. Rev. Andrew Doyle, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas:

Heavenly Father, in your Word you have given us a vision of that holy City where the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea: Behold and visit, we pray, the cities of Read more

Evensong in All Saints Chapel

Evensong is a version of Evening Prayer in which most of the service is chanted or sung. Evening Prayer, which is found in the Book of Common Prayer, is a service from the Daily Office (a daily liturgy) said in the late afternoon or early Read more

Valencia serves coffee to Brown Bag Lunch guests. 

When you see Valencia’s bright orange jacket and gold shoes, you might not be surprised to learn she wants to work in real estate and fashion.

Valencia was one of 15 women who attended Trinity’s job skills workshops in July and August, part of an ongoing partnership with Hour Read more

During this month of August, Trinity is focusing on its core value of stewardship. Two of Trinity’s partners in the Anglican Church in Africa are offering their perspectives.

The Rt. Rev. Victor Atta-Baffoe serves as the bishop of the Diocese of Cape Coast in Ghana where he ministers to about 700-thousand Anglicans. Ghana is in West Africa and Cape Coast sits on the Gulf of Guinea, which opens to the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s the site of Cape Coast Castle, a fort which was called the Gate Read more

Delaisia is a participant in Hour Children’s Working Women Reentry program, which provides job training and employment placement for formerly incarcerated women. She visited Trinity to attend the job skills workshops in July and August, part of an ongoing partnership with Hour Children.

What is a goal you are trying to Read more

From time to time Trinity Church expands the language used in worship services to evoke images that invite worshippers to think of God in creative ways. Rather than refer to God as “He,” for example, Trinity might call God “She” or “Holy One of Blessing.”

This year, Trinity is using selections from Read more