Children, Youth, and Families

By The Rev. Matt Welsch and Jennifer Chinn
Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash


Zoom fatigue is real. Quarantine fatigue is real. Sometimes we just need to take a beat together.

One of the things that’s difficult about zoom versus real life is that we don’t have unscripted time. There are no conversations in hallways to talk about how we’re REALLY DOING. It’s tempting to perform for the camera and wear ourselves out or tune out altogether.

Sometimes we just need to giggle and play Among Us. That

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Wendy Claire Barrie

Engaging our youngest parishioners in the liturgy by inviting their active participation in worship, building relationships, and providing opportunities to learn and share among all ages are key components that encourage a lifelong faith.Read more

October 16 is Bread for the World Sunday! As a tangible, edible symbol of our power to end hunger, we invite you to make a loaf of bread, bring it to 14 Vesey Street following the 9:15am service, give it to someone and take home a different loaf to enjoy. Here are two

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Godly Play (PreKindergarten-2nd grade)
The Flood and the Ark
Genesis 6:5-9:17

The story of The Flood and the Ark is a challenging one, for adults as well as children. Remember that it is sacred myth, a re-creation story, and the covenant that God makes to Noah and his family is one God makes to us as well—God promises, no

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As we reflect on God's creation and celebrate the life and ministry of St. Francis of Assisi, you may want to take a deep breath and watch this video. Author Parker Palmer begins his day here. It's the work of renowned photographer Jim Brandenburg of the National Geographic.

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Below you'll find lessons from last Sunday's Sunday School and Youth Group, and resources for parents and children to use during the week. 

Sunday, September 2
Godly Play (PreK-2nd grade)
Lesson: Creation
Genesis 1:1-2:3

In Godly Play, the Creation story is framed as a series of great gifts from God—light, water, land and the green and growing things, the cycle of days and nights, creatures

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On their Mission & Service Engagement Trip to New Orleans, Trinity youth led a summer camp for children at Trinity's longtime partner site, All Soul's Episcopal Church and Community Center

Photos by Cecilia Arana-Grant. 

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Trinity's 2016 Summer Camp took the campers "Around the World in 5 Days." They made art, danced, sang, and more. Here are a few more photos and videso from the week. Read more

This summer, we challenged the 9:15am congregation at St. Paul’s Chapel to learn the Lord’s Prayer in English and in other languages. Below are videos of community members reciting the prayer in various languages. Use them to learn the prayer or just enjoy the sound of many voices in prayer.  

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Trinity's 2016 Summer Camp concluded on Friday with a day spent learning about China. The children saw a traditional Lion Dance, worked on art projects, and even learned some Kung Fu. The theme of the camp was "Around the World in 5 Days." Previous days focused on Brazil, France, Kenya, and Egypt. 

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