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Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter, this year on April 9. The liturgy reenacts Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem with a procession and palm branches.

The Gospels describe Jesus entering Jerusalem before his crucifixion, riding on a colt or a donkey. A crowd of people greeted him with cries of

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The fourth Sunday in Lent is sometimes called Laetare Sunday or Rose Sunday.

Laetare is the first word in the Introit, or opening, of the Latin Mass and means "rejoice." It's a Sunday when the church is called to joyful anticipation of Easter.

Though more common in the Catholic Church, some Episcopal churches observe Laetare Sunday using pink (or rose) vestments. Trinity does not currently have rose vestments, but will be pink flowers in the church to mark the day.


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You may have seen this Lenten frontal in Trinity Church or in the live streamed worship services.

A frontal is essentially a tablecloth or an adornment for the altar. Originally the coverings—which can be cloth, precious metal, or decorated wood—covered all sides of an altar. In the middle ages, when altars were pushed back against the wall,

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Trinity Church, like many churches, observes Shrove Tuesday, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, with a pancake supper.

Image: Sara_C, Flickr, Creative Commons

Shrove comes from the word shrive, as the day before Ash Wednesday was a day

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Although not many Episcopalians observe the Feast of St. Valentine, quite a few give out candy hearts on February 14. So, who was St. Valentine?

Well, it’s a little hazy. Maybe multiple people: There’s a Valentine who was a Roman priest and physician killed by Emperor Claudius II for marrying Christian couples. There was also a Valentine who was the bishop of Terni in Italy. He was also probably martyred sometime around 270 A.D. (reports date his death at 267, 270, 273, 280, and 300 A

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