Family Worship: Home Edition #21

Fr. Matt Welsch

Family worship at St. Paul's Chapel

Each week, we’re offering a simple family-style service for you and your family to follow together at home. We hope these resources will help you find time to worship together at whatever time and in whatever way feels most comfortable and authentic for you.

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Gather all the members of your household who plan to participate in one place. Get comfortable! Maybe sit on the floor or on cushions. Maybe sit in a circle. Take a moment to pause and breathe together.

Invite a member of the household to lead the gathering prayer. Read line by line, with the rest of the household repeating back to them.

Repeat after me.

Dear God,
Thank you SO much
For bringing us to this time and place.
Please be with us
As we listen, pray, and learn.
And help us remember that,
No matter what,
You will always love us.



“Manna, Quail, and Water” from the Spark Story Bible

Watch this video of the reading by Jennifer Chinn.



Watch this reflection from Fr. Mark.



“Lift Thine Eyes” from Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn; Trinity Youth Chorus; recorded live at St. Paul’s Chapel in June 2018.

Listen to this recording from the archives.



Take a moment to pause. Invite a member of the household to be the prayer leader to lead these or similar prayers:

Let’s pray together silently or out loud. First, let’s say thank you to God for the good things in our lives. Are there specific things you’d like to say thank you for? (Give time for others to share out loud or silently.) For all these things, let’s say together: Thank you so much, Lord!

Thank you so much, Lord!

Now, let’s pray for the people or animals who are sick or need help. We also pray for the things that worry us. Are there specific people, animals, or worries you’d like to pray for? (Give time for others to share out loud or silently.) Let us say: Please God, help us!

Please God, help us!

Repeat after me:

Dear God,
Thank you for this time together
Stay with us
This week and always. 
Help us to be like Jesus. 



Kathryn Carroll, Interim Program Manager, Children & Families

In the story from Exodus 16:2–15, the Israelites who were following Moses were very grumpy and they were complaining — a lot! Last week they were hangry and this week they are so thirsty, and we all know how that feels. Moses felt terrible about letting them down. But when he came close to God, he was able figure out how to find some water. The people were happy about the water, but some of them didn’t believe that God had anything to do with Moses’ leadership, and they kept on complaining.

Some people think that leadership is all about controlling or bossing around other people. Other people think that no one can just claim to be a leader. Someone else has to appoint, anoint, or elect them. Some people think that leaders all have to have followers. What do you think?

Sometimes, the best or only thing we can do is to be leaders of ourselves first. This means that we have to accept what we can or can’t control. And even if we can’t control what happens or what others do, we can control what we do, or how we respond to others and circumstances.

Complete this worksheet by listing what you can and can’t control, and what you can do about what you can’t control.

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