Family Worship: Home Edition #8

Fr. Matt Welsch

Family worship at St. Paul's Chapel

Each week, we’re offering a simple family-style service for you and your family to follow together at home. We hope these resources will help you find time to worship together at whatever time and in whatever way feels most comfortable and authentic for you.

If you’d like to, please join us Sunday at 9:15am for Family Worship Watch Party. Hosted by parishioners, this ‘watch party’ gives families with children the opportunity to worship together in the spirit of the 9:15am Family Service as they follow along with Family Worship: Home Edition.



Gather all the members of your household who plan to participate in one place. Get comfortable! Maybe sit on the floor or on cushions. Maybe sit in a circle. Take a moment to pause and breathe together.

Invite a member of the household to lead the gathering prayer. Read line by line, with the rest of the household repeating back to them.

Repeat after me.

Dear God,
Thank you SO much
For bringing us to this time and place.
Please be with us
As we listen, pray, and learn.
And help us remember that,
No matter what,
You will always love us.



Matthew 10:40–42

Watch the video of the reading by Prisca Doh.



Watch this reflection from Fr. Matt.



Listen to this recording — Psalm 104, performed in improvisatory style by the Schola Choristers, edited and produced by Melissa Attebury and Farrah Dupoux.



Take a moment to pause. Invite a member of the household to be the prayer leader to lead these or similar prayers:

Let’s pray together silently or out loud. First, let’s say thank you to God for the good things in our lives. Are there specific things you’d like to say thank you for? (Give time for others to share out loud or silently.) For all these things, let’s say together: Thank you so much, Lord!

Thank you so much, Lord!

Now, let’s pray for the people or animals who are sick or need help. We also pray for the things that worry us. Are there specific people, animals, or worries you’d like to pray for? (Give time for others to share out loud or silently.) Let us say: Please God, help us!

Please God, help us!

Repeat after me:

Dear God,
Thank you for this time together
Stay with us
This week and always. 
Help us to be like Jesus. 



Kathryn Carroll, Interim Program Manager, Children and Families

In our faith, certain people in ancient and modern history have been identified as saints. We celebrate them with special days that we call feast days. In the early days, the saints were like the superheroes of the time. And many of their stories read like action-hero legends. Games and trading cards have been made with the saints. So, what exactly were their “stats”? What were their special “powers”? Were they all perfect? Were they the most popular? Did they never do anything wrong? Did they have way more faith than other people? How did they come so close to God?

For a long time, the Church had some pretty strict rules about what qualified a person for sainthood. A modern-day equivalent might be an industry’s Hall of Fame. Except, for saints, it was as much about what they did, as who they were, as human beings, i.e., “…the content of their character…”

That’s what I think Jesus is talking about in today’s Gospel. How do ordinary folk like us know when we are close to God? Jesus said that we are not very close to God if we have to stop and think first about who we welcome, or who deserves something, or if we want to give up something for someone in need. I don’t know anyone who has never been selfish or judgy in their lives — not even a saint. I don’t think Jesus knew anyone like that either. But Jesus and most of us have experienced unqualified welcome and generosity from someone. And Jesus and most of us probably know people who never, or hardly ever, experience unqualified welcome. What can we do with this awareness?

Pick a saint (either one at random, or if you have a favorite). Read their story.


I wonder what made Saint _____________ feel sad?
I wonder what made Saint _____________ feel joyful?
I wonder if everyone celebrated Saint __________ when s/he was alive?
Who do I know now who reminds me of St. _______________?

Resources for Learning About Saints

Printable Coloring Pages

The Very Best Day

This Sunday at 10am, we will continue with The Very Best Day: The Way of Love for Children. The next chapter, or practice, is “Learn.” We’ll share experiences and learn about saints while we create “stained glass” illustrations. RSVP to Kathryn Carroll at