2013 – Epiphany of a Year

Which path is God inviting us to follow to arrive at Jesus? What is your life calling you to follow? Where are you being called to exercise wisdom this year? Will you follow the star? Will you follow the light? This is the spiritual path for this millennium: the path that leads to a child (protecting the vulnerable), a path guided by the light, a path with other wise people, and a path that leads to god and conversion. This applies to every human being – truly making Jesus universal.

In a recent sermon, I said, Christmas is 366 days a year. Epiphany is 366 days a year. Ver, Julgar, and Agir mean to look, judge and, act in Portuguese. This requires that we adapt this discipline in life. We are called to pay attention, discern, and then act.

Look at the debates in Washington.

Look at the Knicks. The Knicks are amazing. Jason Kidd is the Rock of Ages. JR is the Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Jason is the OMG and Melo is, let us just admit, Melo is a divine being. Felton and Amare are archangels. Yes, New Yorkers are believing again. Poor Jay- Z, I don’t think he is allowed to go to a Knicks’ game.

What is happening in your neck of the woods? What interest you these days?

Look at the tax debate in this country, France, and in Russia. Look at the growing disparities in wealth (do some research on it). Count all the blessings of this life. Look at the deaths. Look at the blessings. Look at the beauty of Nature and the ever present eternal life?

A few days ago on my Facebook page, I wrote that I wish we all will receive the courage and the grace and the strength we need. I don’t like saying, Happy New Year. Happiness does not signify that we are in the place we ought to be. Tragedy and loss and death may shape us into a more committed and authentic living. Embrace and do not shun the happiness that will come your way in 2013; but be strong enough to embrace all that the challenges that come your way.

Where are we going as a world? India, Syria, Israel, Palestine and Iran – what will unfold in those countries? How are we called to embrace the fools, the poor, the sick, the stranger and the rich in our midst?

Indeed, there will be more tragedies near and far. Of course, the world is not ending, but many will experience it that way. Pray for strength and wisdom and pray for the courage to learn from it all. It is not too late to start a spiritual practice.

The older we get the harder it is (though, not for all) to lose the pounds, keep the hair, be flexible, listen to the truth and change.

The older we get – each day – we (should) work for a world that is better for all, we seek what is good, true and beautiful, we follow the star and seek to find God. Best Wishes for 2013 Epiphany. Look. Best Wishes for Epiphany. Judge/discern. Courage to learn from all that comes your way in 2013. Act.