33 Questions for 2013

Why 33? Because Jesus only lived for 33 years (seriously?) and 20 plus 13 equal 33.

1. What are we looking for most intensely?

2. What must we do to live more deeply, to be fully alive?

3. What would Jesus really do today? Never liked this question, but I find myself using it a lot, at least in my mind.

4. What would life be like if we were prophetic and honest enough?

5. Who are our neighbors and who is God?

6. What if we are wrong?

7. What must I do to meet God?

8. What if we are right?

9. Is there an unforgivable sin? I always ask the couples I counsel which is the unforgivable sin – no one so far, has referenced the H.S.

10. Are we reaping the bitter fruits of patriarchy?

11. What does it mean to be loyal?

12. What must I do to meet the President?

13. How could we be so right about God?

14. How could we be so wrong about God?

15. Have we been loved and how do we know?

16. How has love changed us?

17. How do our lives reflect gratitude?

18. What must I do to meet Kobe and the Dalai Lama?

19. Have we been hated and how do we know?

20. How has hate changed us?

21. Does race have anything to do with what is going on in Washington?

22. Can we really change?

23. What must I do to meet the poorest person in the world?

24. Do people who sin show us more about God than the saints?

25. Why do we do what we do?

26. What am I called to do?

27. What gives me meaning?

28. Where may I do more or less?

29. How should I care for myself?

30. Where/how do we hold and heal hate and anger?

31. How do we respect the dignity of others?

32. What are we co-creating?

33. What question(s) are we not asking?