Easter Still: Still Easter

Easter is my favorite season next to Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and all that we call “Ordinary Time” scattered throughout. 

Easter comes at us with a gentle force that never gives up on the human spiritual quest to be like God or to live fully. I believe, with all my being, that every human being experiences “Easter” – to live is to experience the power of life at its most miraculous.
In the best of times and the worst of times, Easter comes. Amidst our experience of being divided, Easter comes. In the ongoing struggles of daily life; in our failures and confusion, Easter comes. Easter shows up in the midst of our darkness, disappointments and misunderstandings. In the midst of our addictions, denials and fears, Easter comes.
To Boston, West Texas, Iraq, Chechnya, New York, Trinity, and in your life; Easter comes.
Now is the time to look at the lilies of the field. Look at the beauty all around. Easter invites us to look at the blade of grass and the sparrow. Easter wants us to see and know that life is springing up all around and will always be springing up…
The more human beings die before their time at home, in hospital beds, on city streets, and in deserted places -- especially the violent deaths, the more we come face to face with the reality of Easter.
Though a majority of Americans want to have more strict/enforceable background checks and gun laws, our elected politicians have refused to give the people what we desire and deserve. Should this cause despair? No! Those who wish to see a change in any law will need to devote themselves more diligently to the causes they hold dear. 
Christians will now face the challenge of seeking and speaking truth amid the many truths that exist. We are called to a most difficult task and it is this: while speaking the truth, we will have to ‘suffer fools.’ To suffer fools gracefully -- without screaming, retaliating, hitting back or killing, requires that we deepen our faith in the mysteries of Easter.
Boston. Watertown. Marathon. Blessings and prayers to the families of those killed. Blessings and prayers to the hundreds injured. Blessings and prayers to the family members and friends who, also, felt the horrors of the day. Blessing and prayers to the security forces who died, were injured, fought bravely, and spoke compassionately and clearly about all that happened. Yes, it is worth remembering that all this is happening at this time of Easter. Eastertide is the season that reminds us at one and the same time not to take it lightly and not to give up hope for change.
Easter is the expression of our belief that good triumphs over evil. I believe that since the dawn of creation, we have had to live with uncertainty, disobedience, violence and hardship. Easter reminds us that at our core we are good and we are children of the Living God. Cain’s killing of Abel did not lead to the end of humanity. Neither will terrorism and violence wipe out the Human Spirit, geared as it is towards wholeness,, justice and the good. Alleluia. Give thanks. And keep hope alive.
In the midst of our greatest fears and experience of violence; Easter refuses to scapegoat, shame, and attack others. Easter calls us to embrace a laughable lifestyle that invites us to turn the other cheek and forgive 70 x 7, and walk the extra mile.
Easter reminds us to look squarely at the Jesus who asks us along with Peter to put our sword away.
In what Jesus has taught us, Easter is no more three days after Good Friday; Easter gets linked with the moment of death; Easter now takes place at every Good Friday. Every time we human beings experience loss, suffering, pain, tragedy, and acts of terror God is intensely present in those moments.
So when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, when terrorism raises its ugly head, when politicians act more out of fear than courage, when the saints sin, when the going gets tough, and when there is much to be afraid of Easter can remind us of who we are, whose we are, and how we are called to be in the image of Christ.
Easter calls us to move beyond our narrow and fearful concerns and live courageously and freely. I believe we are called to be an Easter People, because the world moves towards Easter. 
Easter calls us to follow it by living like God: these are the words of Easter: Peace be with you, forgive, love, Mary… what are the Easter words for you? What (other) words in the Easter story have the deepest meanings for you?
Easter reminds us that, death happens, but death – in all its forms and challenges – will never have the final word. Easter reminds us that after death, God offers us Eternal Life.
It is still Easter, it is Easter still.