The Gospel of Edward Irvin Koch According to Mark

My father is Jewish. My mother is Jewish. I am Jewish.--Daniel Pearl

And behold in the year 2013 on this 24th year of Sh’vat, the angel of the Lord was sent from God to a city called New York. A bright light appeared and settled above a holy site – Temple Emanuel. Let the reader know that we are all called to be a temple Emmanuel.

Many had been led bythe light from this star, wise people from every part of the world. Let those, the powerful who attended there, commit to being good news to the poor, release to the captive, and setting the downtrodden free. Because when one beholds good, one should only commit to doing good in multiple places, so that each blessing will reap a hundred fold, or sixty, or forty.
And so it was, the Mayor of New York, may it be eternally so, was laid to rest. And those who gathered to witness the mourning for the dead, left with their spirits rejoicing in God their Savior. Because God, who is mighty, has done great things for them. And all who saw this service must proclaim they want to be a part of it, New York, New York. It is true that those who live and see life and love in New York can and will see it everywhere and be a part of it. In his dying, the One Who is Mighty revealed to those who are powerful that the souls of the righteous are in the hands of God. 
And on this day and forever, we will remember the Prophet Ed Koch, who caused many to hear and remember that the Lord is One. In the tradition of Old, Mayor Koch led the people of New York the way the prophets led the people of Israel; the Mayor was Moses, because he, like the rejected Jesse,would become the leader of God’s people of all faiths in New York.

Like Moses, he led the people and did not get to the Promised Land. Like Moses, he was imperfect. Like Moses, he made mistakes. Like Moses, he experienced the inexplicable ways of God, and like Moses, he knew that God had given him the highest honor a mortal could receive. Let the reader know that God calls all of us from good to great; we are called to have big minds and even bigger hearts, as spoken by the Solomonic One Bill Clinton, blessings be upon him. Like Moses, he said what he wanted and was not afraid to point out the wrong and apologize for it.

In Mayor Koch, many experienced the Year of the Lord’s favor. When advisors warned him against building houses for the poor, he built them. He cured those who had the fever of fatigue, proving that one should never tire of doing what is good. He drove out demons, the demons of complacency, and false hopes. When people warned him against speaking the Truth, he proclaimed it. When people told him an issue was dead, he raised it. Indeed, every death now becomes an opportunity to promote good living: every death is a gospel. He proved the power of the Word, by calling crazy by its right name, Crazy. He said in everything he did, thought, and said, “Love every person you meet, love your work, give people back their Spirit. May I be buried where I speak my words and lived my love. And behold, because of me, the powerful will change how they live because they will know that only a life lived for others will be worth celebrating. May New Yorkers and all people walk humbly with their God.”

And in death, the Lord’s Chosen One has turned the hearts, minds, and souls of many to God.

And the Great Jew will be laid to rest in the burial ground that is connected to Trinity Wall Street of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Blessings be upon them. The Annointed Mayor knows that those who believe in the Everlasting and Merciful Yahweh can live anywhere and die anywhere; those who believe in God will live everywhere and anywhere. And let faith be written on the tombstone of those who are not afraid, and let every human being proclaim:
My father is Jewish.

My mother is Jewish.

I am Jewish.


Mark Bozzuti-Jones is the author of The Gospel of Barack Hussein Obama According to Mark.