Everyday Blessings with Whole Community Learning

Bob Scott, Kathy Bozzuti-Jones, and Kathryn Carroll

Thanks to modern technology, we can still be a whole community even while practicing “social distancing.” You’ll hear from us periodically; please be in touch if you would be interested in other digital learning opportunities and resources.

Most households have spoken and unspoken house rules: no running, no slamming doors, take your shoes off, and more. Does your family or household follow any spiritual rules of family/home life—rules or practices that reflect love to and from God? You probably already have routines and rituals you keep, but how can you make those a spiritual “rule” to help you to love God and neighbors or receive God’s love yourself? Can your everyday home life—your chores, your tasks, your comings and goings—be blessings? With some conscious intention and awareness, they can be.

Though the COVID-19 virus might be restricting some of our Lenten gatherings, some of the hygiene practices could easily coincide with Lenten practices. Instead of singing the Happy Birthday song twice while washing hands, what if, instead, we prayed the Lord’s Prayer, or the Prayer of St. Francis, or any prayer for 20–30 seconds? If intentional rest, stillness, solitude, or sabbath is a practice you’re taking on in Lent, you might embrace working from home instead of feeling confined. How do we offer our presence to a person without touching or even physical proximity? Maybe this will encourage better eye contact, more smiles, or more thoughtful texts. Just as routines can become holy rituals, rules can become gifts.


This Week in WCL


Through the eyes of the woman at the well (John 4:5–42, part of today’s readings), consider the sometimes transformative nature of deep conversations, even—or especially—when they break the rules. Can we find space for courageous conversations in our families?


Remember the 10 Best Ways from last week? Print and cut out the 10 Best Ways heart puzzle. It's divided into the three parts under which each of the 10 best ways can fall: love God, love neighbors, God loves us. On the back, write some rules of family life that reflect those three ways of being present to God at home and in the world.