Formation Resources: BLM-tide

Bob Scott, Kathryn Carroll, Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones

Welcome to Faith Formation & Education Resources! This week, we have a guest writer: the Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones. Fr. Mark’s prayer, in this season of pandemic and Black Lives Matter protest, has inspired a series of provocative poems about race and racial justice. The series is presented here, accompanied by photographs of mine, taken on a recent visit to City Hall Park, where artists and activists have sprinkled colorful messages of justice about their encampment.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones
Associate Director, Faith Formation & Education


This Sunday

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Adult Learning and Discovery

Contemplative photo by Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones

Six Poems and Images in BLM-tide

The Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones, Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones


Black and 
Uprising from the 
Beginning, proclaiming this ever-
Ancient ever-new reality 
While we were at supper
And during the blessing
This is my body
This is my blood
Remember the black
Ethiopian dust that flew
To the shores of Ghana
Like hands outstretched from 
Sea to shining sea fighting 
against the System 
that tries to justify 
trying to sell
our soul —
We survive and rise
We will not celebrate
Hate, oppression 
and lies
Our beautiful and black
Ancestors told the 
Ashanti truth:
We never start 
a war
But we will fight until 
The end.
We know we shall
Win. We are confident 
in the victory
of good over stupid, 
And ugly, 
And evil.

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Adult Practice

“Beneath the question, ‘What can I do?’ is often a sincere desire to see change. But as anyone who’s ever tried to enact change knows: It does not happen overnight or over the course of a few months,” writes The On Being Project Editor Kristin Lin. Read the latest On Being newsletter and listen to a podcast conversation featuring Robin DiAngelo and Resmaa Menakem.


Children and Families

When we bless others with our lives, we become the Good News! Watch The Episcopal Church video Explore the Way of Love: Bless.

Family Worship: Home Edition

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