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Illuminating Centuries of Worship


Employees of Aurora Lampworks install new electrical wire into a 216-year-old chandelier in St. Paul’s Chapel. 

St. Paul’s Chapel’s chandeliers were reinstalled last week after restoration and cleaning. The chandeliers, which bear the hallmarks of Dutch workmanship, were purchased in 1802 and originally held candles. In 1856, St. Paul’s Chapel was converted to gaslight and the chandeliers were given to churches in Upstate New York. The chandeliers were purchased back from these churches during a building restoration in 1913, wired for electricity, and returned for use in the chapel. During WWII the chandeliers were removed and put into storage due to the danger of possible air raids.

So the next time you're in St. Paul's Chapel for the 11:15am Holy Eucharist (held there during the rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church), glance up at the chandeliers that have illuminated centuries of worship.