March for Our Lives

Trinity parishioners and friends joined the March for Our Lives on March 24, 2018. Teens and chaperones traveled to Washington, DC, while another contingent joined other Episcopalians in the diocese for the New York march.

Why are teens marching? From Scarlet: "We live in a world where it’s full with violence and this is the time to come together as one, especially us teenagers. We should be at school thinking about what we’re going to have for lunch or if we’re going to pass the class, not if we’re going to get shot today. I’m marching today for those who have died because of gun violence, for those who have suffered, for those parents who had to bury their children. I’m marching today because politicians aren’t doing anything about this problem but we teenagers can do something about it... we are the future. We shouldn’t be standing around in fear, we should be showing our strength. If we stick together, if we fight together we can face this. We are the voices of tomorrow so let’s fight for our lives."

The bus left at 4:15am, so many teens and chaperones stayed overnight at St. Paul's Chapel.

Early morning sign-making