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Measured by Our Stewardship

During this month of August, Trinity is focusing on its core value of stewardship. Two of Trinity’s partners in the Anglican Church in Africa are offering their perspectives.

The Rt. Rev. Victor Atta-Baffoe serves as the bishop of the Diocese of Cape Coast in Ghana where he ministers to about 700-thousand Anglicans. Ghana is in West Africa and Cape Coast sits on the Gulf of Guinea, which opens to the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s the site of Cape Coast Castle, a fort which was called the Gate of No Return because it was used to hold thousands of captured, enslaved Africans before they were placed on ships for the Middle Passage to the Americas. 

Bishop Atta-Baffoe spent many years in education and he served as dean of the St. Nicholas Seminary before his consecration in 2014.

The Rt. Rev. Mugenyi William Bahemuka leads the Diocese of Boga in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the second largest country in Africa in terms of area.  Eastern Congo has been the heartland of the Anglican Church in that nation, ever since the arrival in 1896 of a Ugandan missionary.

Bishop Bahemuka is a native of Boga and grew up in a farming family.  He’s served as bishop since 2010 and partners with the Global Orphans project, which works with local churches to provide care for orphaned and abandoned children.