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New Partners in Navajoland

Trinity Church Wall Street is beginning a Mission & Service partnership with the Episcopal Church in Navajoland. The specific goal will be to work alongside our sisters and brothers of Navajoland to assist the bishop in the development of a Wellness Center with programs to support women and children who are struggling in a context of alcohol abuse, and to assist the Episcopal Church in Navajoland to develop its own core values.  The relationship is a three-year commitment with an option to renew once if both partners agree.

This mission partnership became official in March 2018 with the approval of the Elders from the Episcopal Church in Navajoland and members of Trinity’s leadership Team.  

Church members of both partners made visits to each other in recent months. The Rt. Rev. David Bailey, bishop of the Episcopal Church in Navajoland, led a group to New York in November. Trinity Church Wall Street’s visit came came six months earlier, in May 2017.

“In my way of observing the way you all operate with your sense of partnership and understanding,” said Bishop Bailey, “it excites me because I see a certain strategy that allows us to begin piece by piece to move forward.”

“We are honored to begin this Mission and Service partnership,” said the Rev. Canon Benjamin Musoke-Lubega, Trinity’s Director of Anglican Relations.  “It’s our hope and dream that we can work with our brothers and sisters in the Navajoland area, to develop a mutual partnership that is built on trust, respect, and the ability to see the value in everyone involved.”  

Navajoland was created out of the Episcopal dioceses of Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona to better unify the area with respect to Navajo language, culture, families, and area events. There are almost a thousand church members in nine congregations in the area mission, covering 27,000 acres of land, adjacent to the Navajo Reservation. Read more about Navajoland here

Trinity’s grants department provided funds for construction of two hogans, one of which is used extensively with visiting mission groups for cultural teaching and ceremony. The second is used to house clergy sabbaticals, mission groups, and for Navajo families visiting relatives in the nearby regional hospital.   

Mission and Service partnerships encourage Trinity staff, congregation, and members of Trinity’s larger community to participate in visits, including work trips, with mission partners. Members of the communities of both partners share their skills and talents as they walk alongside each other, work and worship together, and share respective core values.

As Trinity’s newest partner, the Episcopal Church in Navajoland will host travelers from Trinity in late May.  For more information:  please download the application .