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Pipes and Motherboards

Installation of the “new-to-us” organ continues at St. Paul’s Chapel. Last week, the case was assembled and the pipes arrived.

On Friday, October 20, David Rooney (l) and Didier Grassin of Noack Organ Co. made small adjustments to the length of the organ pipes to precisely fit the case.

Aaron Tellers, also of Noack Organ Co, worked on the organ’s main computer, which stores memory for the instrument’s electric stop system. Here, Teller is seen from inside the second level of the organ case.

The organ's main computer. 

Please note: the chapel will be closed following Sunday morning services while a new organ is being installed. The 8am Holy Eucharist and 9:15am Family Eucharist will be held as regulargly scheduled. Compline will take place in Trinity Church.