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Remembering Wopo Holup, Artist and Trinity Parishioner

Wopo Holup, an artist and Trinity parishioner, died on September 29, 2017. She was the creator of more than two dozen public art installations in New York City and around the country, including The Gold Star Project, a temporary art installation at Trinity Church which honored those who have died in wars in the Middle East.

While studying the Book of Isaiah, the New Beginners—Trinity’s ministry of seniors—were struck by how Isaiah’s prophecy about the destructive effects of war are still applicable. Inspired by these conversations and memories of gold stars hanging in the windows of families who lost a loved one in World War II, artist and New Beginner Wopo Holup conceived the Gold Star Project. In October and November 2006, a host of volunteers and Holup spent three weeks affixing gold leaf stars to the pavement just inside the gate to Trinity Church to represent those who had died. It was a poignant statement not lost in the tourist traffic of Broadway and Wall Street.

Wopo Holup and her husband, Peter Brown, had been members of the parish since 2002. Read her obituary in The New York Times.

See the audio slideshow about the Gold Star Project below.

The Gold Star Project from Wopo Holup on Vimeo.