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Trinity’s Sister Church: St. Mary-le-Bow

As part of the Anglican Communion, Trinity Church Wall Street enjoys relationships with churches around the world, including Trinity’s historic sister church, St. Mary le Bow.

Trinity Wall Street's founding charter declares that the rector and churchwardens were to have the same fees and perquisites as their counterparts at “St. Mary le Bow, within our city of London, in our Realme of England,” and that the vestry was to have the same power and authority for regulating parish affairs.

More recently, the two churches have celebrated their historical relationship by exchanging gifts. Trinity Church Wall Street gave generously to St. Mary le Bow during the reconstruction of the church after World War II. St. Mary le Bow, renowned for its "Bow Bells" which ring 30 minutes before major services, presented Trinity Wall Street in 1963 with a miniature replica. St. Mary le Bow also gave Trinity a cherub head, found among its ruins in the rubble left by the blitz, that Trinity placed over an entrance to its churchyard and renamed the "Cherub Gate."