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Trinity Convenes Archbishops in Ghana

Last month, Trinity Church Wall Street brought twelve Anglican archbishops from around the world to Ghana to discuss a common challenge: leadership in conflict.

The role of archbishop can be a solitary post. The Anglican Church is divided into provinces, often including one or more countries. The archbishops are the highest authority in these provinces, overseeing other bishops.

Meetings such as the gathering in Ghana give archbishops a chance to share their struggles with their peers and act as confidants.

Attendees came from several provinces in Africa, as well as from the Philippines, Latin America, and India.

Each day the Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, Trinity Rector, offered some thoughts to begin discussion about leadership and conflict. This was followed by story sharing and discussion among the bishops.

“One of the gifts that Trinity can give is the gift of convening,” said the Rev. Canon Benjamin Musoke-Lubega, Director of Anglican Relations for Trinity.

As they spoke, some shared themes emerged. For example, like much of the world, all provinces are dealing with the challenges related to ethnic identity.

The time together provides the archbishops with opportunities to see beyond their own context and imagine new and innovative solutions, or to borrow ideas from others.

Time was set aside each day for rest and renewal, one-on-one meetings, and informal discussion. Over the course of the week, the archbishops built a community of peers on whom they can rely for guidance  as new challenges and opportunities emerge in the future.