Trinity Joins Jericho Walk to Support Immigrants

Trinity parishioners and staff participated in a “Jericho Walk” around Federal Plaza in Lower Manhattan on Thursday, March 9, to support immigrants meeting with immigration officials later in the morning. The walk, which was modeled after the Israelites' march around the city of Jericho in the book of Joshua, was preceded by a Solidarity Rally Against Deportation. A prayer service took place at Trinity afterward. 

Parishioner Yvette Tsiropolous, who often accompanies immigrants to such meetings, said as a third- and fourth-generation American, the issues of immigration and sanctuary were close to her heart.

“Here on earth we are all God’s precious children,” she said. “We all have a niche we are to live, to live comfortably, live safely, make a great living, decent living, see our children, our families prosper in the future. And, simply being a good neighbor to those who have recently arrived.”

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