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What Have You Learned, Delaisia?

Delaisia is a participant in Hour Children’s Working Women Reentry program, which provides job training and employment placement for formerly incarcerated women. She visited Trinity to attend the job skills workshops in July and August, part of an ongoing partnership with Hour Children.

What is a goal you are trying to reach?

I want to be a registered nurse by 2019. I like to help people. I start college in September at LaGuardia to be a registered nurse. In my near future I’d like to become a nurse practitioner. 

What is something useful you’ve learned at Trinity’s working women workshops?

This is my third time doing the workshops. Each time I learn something new and I’m eager to participate in their workshops.

The workshop about time and how you present yourself to be on time [was helpful], because I’m always worried about time. They gave us a book last Friday about being able [to present to give speeches] in public and be able to look them in their eyes and speak clearly so I can utilize that information. I learn new things every day. I’m always open to learning something new. Every day is a new opportunity.

I’ve made mistakes in my life. I have learned and changed. This is an opportunity for a new start for me thanks to Hour Children and the Working Women program and Trinity. It’s just a wonderful experience. They really care about you. They don’t judge you. It doesn’t matter what you did. They welcome you with open arms and that’s what makes me eager to come very time.

What do you like about being in the Hour Children Program?

I’m very grateful for Hour Children. I was released on work release and Hour Children accepted me in their program. I completed work release so I made a goal with Sister Tesa [founder of Hour Children] that I wanted to get my GED, obtain a career, and be able to provide for my daughter and stay out of trouble.

Then I moved down here, it was just me and my daughter, but I have a family – Hour Children’s my extended family. They work with you. And that makes you feel good because you have people that genuinely care about you.

They helped me a lot. And I’ve utilized this opportunity to get myself together and provide for me and my child. My daughter is three years old. I’m a single parent.

She’s going to be better than me. I dropped out of the ninth grade. I got my GED in 2016. When my daughter gets old enough, if she starts to make mistakes I’m going to explain to her what I’ve been through. I’m going to show her my obstacles and the challenges I’ve faced so she won’t have to go through that. I’m going to show her how much I’ve changed. You can change in life.