Work/Life Balance with Whole Community Learning

Bob Scott, Kathy Bozzuti-Jones, Wendy Claire Barrie, and Kathryn Carroll

Whole Community Learning

We’re continuing our journey of growing a rule of life by paying special attention to our work and school lives. By combining a fresh take on Christian spirituality with a toolkit of mindfulness practices—with the help of special guest Rev. Greg Farrand—we’re working to foster an alignment of our minds and our hearts in the workplace and at school. This alignment opens us up to the real work of transformation.

Join Whole Community Learning, our intergenerational education hour, every Sunday at 10am in St. Paul's Chapel.


This Week in WCL

Adults worked with the Rev. Greg Farrand, co-founder of Second Breath, to create a rule of work/life balance, introducing breathing modalities and other practices from the Christian Wisdom tradition.

Children talked about the rules in their schools and classrooms—why they help everybody and why sometimes they are hard to follow. They talked about the difference between rules we make in groups or that are imposed by others and rules we make for ourselves that help us to live in ways of love (which are often harder to follow). Our Lenten journeys and practices guide us toward these rules. As we learned last Sunday, the three traditional Lenten practices are prayer, fasting, and giving. Children made prayer bead zipper pulls so that no matter where they are or what they’re doing—at school, church, or home; working, playing, dancing, or crying—their beads can remind them of God’s presence.



Other Lenten resources for all ages:

  • Common Prayer for Children and Families — A new essential for family libraries and prayer practices. We gave away copies during Whole Community Learning and will continue to offer them on Sundays as supplies last.
  • Lenten practice cards — Focus your Lenten intentions each day or per week. We assembled our own decks during Whole Community Learning, and we will continue to offer them on Sundays as supplies last. Feel free to print and cut your own at home.
  • A Lenten playlist compiled by Kyle Oliver