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2016 Vestry Election Results

Following a three-month-long discernment and election process open to Trinity members, we are pleased to announce the new Vestry to serve until Easter Tuesday, April 18, 2017:

Church Wardens
Mr. Joseph E. Hakim
Ms. Diane B. Pollard

Members of the Vestry
Ms. Leah C. Johnson
Ms. Suellyn P. Scull
Mr. Frederick Bland
Mr. Lawrence F. Graham
Mr. William H. A. Wright II
Mr. William L. Cobb
Mr. Sanders Davies
Dr. Scott E. Evenbeck
Mr. Joel Motley
Mr. Paul B. Yang
Mr. Robert G. Zack
Ms. Suzanne Hammett
Ms. Susan Hewitt
Mr. Macculloch M. Irving
Mr. T. Dennis Sullivan
Mr. Emory Edwards
Mr. Eric Eve
Ms. Sara B. Queen
Mr. John G. Talty
Ms. Mary Katherine Wold



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