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Four Wildcard Grants Awarded

Trinity Wall Street gave Wildcard Grants to four innovative organizations in 2013. The grants are one-time, $25,000 awards to support beyond-the-bell-curve programs that inspire transformation. These grants fall outside Trinity’s standard funding objectives, but are part of Trinity’s efforts to be a resource for innovators in the wider Church. 

Trinity began accepting nominations in April, 2013, and chose the following four from the 52 ministries nominated. 

Creative Arts Workshop for Kids
To support a sustainability plan to generate income by developing contracts with new business partners to provide large-scale public art.

Healing Community Network
To cover ongoing expenses and possibly open new networks in Brooklyn and the Bronx for prison reentry programs.

Magdalene St. Louis
To support start-up costs to lease or buy property for a community of women recovering from abuse, prostitution, sex trafficking, addiction, and homelessness.

Movable Feast (Diocese of Western North Carolina)
To cover start-up costs, including purchasing a vehicle and food supplies, for a roaming feast/communion service operated out of a bus with kitchen facilities and chapel space.

Click here for a list of all 52 nominees

For more information on grant-making process, contact us

The Board President of Magdalene St. Louis, the Very Rev. Mike Kinman, will speak on a panel on human trafficking on Sunday, January 12, following a performance of Angel’s Bone, an opera that follows the plight of two fallen angels and touches on the issue of human trafficking. 


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