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Havel, Giuliani at St. Paul's

The Rector of Trinity Church, the Rev. Dr. Daniel Paul Matthews, greets the Czech President, Vaclav Havel, on his way into St. Paul's Chapel. Photo: Leo Sorel.

Since reopening St. Paul's on September 11, 2002, Parish officials have added a service Tuesdays through Fridays to satisfy the demand of those wanting to worship in the chapel near ground zero. The Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, vicar of Trinity Church, says the noon services will continue throughout September.

The chapel has also been busy fulfilling what is becoming a demanding civic role: on September 20, it hosted Czech president Vaclav Havel.

Havel presented former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani with the "Presidential Medal of Bravery and

Former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani accepts the "Presidential Medal of Bravery and Accomplishment." Vaclav Havel looks on.

Accomplishment." This was not Havel's only stop in the U.S. Speaking in Washington the day before, Havel warned that "it would not be desirable" for the United States to attack Iraq with out an international coalition behind it.

Praise continues for Giuliani, centering on his leadership on September 11, 2001 and during the days immediately following. He has now visited the chapel for official public appearances three times in the past year, the first to bid farewell to the mayoral office, and the second to accept leadership awards given him by the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Posted on Trinity News Septmber 20, 2002

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