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Looking To The Future With Hope, Confidence

Trinity's congregation has rallied together to get through difficult times in the past year and is looking to the future with confidence, intent on finding new ways to reach out to the surrounding community, speakers told the recent annual Congregational meeting.

More than 80 parishioners and clergy gathered in the 2nd floor parlor of the Parish Hall on Sunday April 7 for the meeting. It is one of the most important events of the year, when the past 12 months are reviewed and new parish leadership is elected.

At this year's meeting, the rector, vicar, and Standing Committee chairs spoke movingly of the impact that September 11 has had on the congregation. Special emphasis was placed on what the outgoing Council President Vincent Norman referred to as Trinity's ability to "come together in and despite that tragedy.

"This past year has been largely a matter of surviving and getting through some very difficult times - and we've been successful," Mr. Norman told the crowd. The Council didn't miss a single meeting, though some committees did due to the communication difficulties. "But we're all back together now," he concluded, "and looking out together towards the future with hope and confidence."

Joyce deJorna, of the Nurture Committee, thanked parishioners for their hard work, calling last June's Parish Picnic one of the highlights of the year and urging members to attend the upcoming Picnic on Sunday, May 26.

Newcomers' Chair Pat Caldwell said that though September 11 caused a temporary setback, "It was such a joy to be together again. The task for the upcoming year is to bring us even closer together."

Ted Clemens III, of Worship & Education, commented on the Parish's prescience in establishing, prior to September 11, bereavement workshops and mystic prayer services. "We felt a little more prepared to handle the aftermath," he said.

Carol Zacharias, of Stewardship, related her plans to draft a stewardship plan to propose to the Council for consideration. She called on parishioners to help her fine-tune the draft.

The Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, Vicar, concluded the meeting by affirming the strength of this Parish in adversity: "Another congregation might not have made it - but this one did. The community that we've built, our bedrock faith in God, the ways in which we nurture and care for one another, keep us a vibrant, vital, and hopefully once more growing congregation. And we're going to continue to look at new ways that we can reach out to our surrounding community to be of greater service to them.

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