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Special REBEL Performance

The REBEL Baroque Ensemble will make a special pre-season Concerts at One solo performance at Trinity Church on January 15.

REBEL is the period music group that often accompanies the Trinity Choir under the direction of Owen Burdick. They will perform music by Biber and Froberger. The full program is found below.

Earl Tucker, director of Trinity Concerts, expects the “internationally known ensemble to bring their baroque excellence to Trinity as a solo ensemble.”

Tickets are free, although a $2 donation is suggested. The concert begins at 1 pm.

The Concerts at One winter season begins officially on January 26, with a performance by the Francina Connors Trio at St. Paul’s Chapel. Ms. Connors, a jazz singer, has appeared at renowned venues in New York City.

Fans of REBEL will get the chance to hear them again at the final concert of the winter season, when they team up with the Trinity Choir to perform Luigi Cherubini’s Requiem in C Minor in the intimate confines of St. Paul’s Chapel.


Jörg-Michael Schwarz & Karen Marie Marmer,

violins, viola & directors

John Moran, violoncello

Dongsok Shin, harpsichord & organ


Partia II in B Heinrich Ignaz F. Biber

from: Harmonia artificiosa-ariosa

Praeludium, Allamande-Variatio, Balletto:Allegro, Aria:Presto, Gigue:Presto

Partia III in A Heinrich Ignaz F. Biber

from: Harmonia artificiosa-ariosa

Praeludium:Allegro, Allamande, Amener: Presto, Balletto, Gigue, Ciacona: Canon in unisono

Hexachord Fantasia Joh. Jacob Froberger

sopra ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la’ in C

Partia I in D Heinrich Ignaz F. Biber

from: Harmonia artificiosa-ariosa

Sonata:Adagio-Presto-Adagio, Allamande, Gigue, Aria, Sarabande, Finale:Presto

Partia IV in Eb Heinrich Ignaz F. Biber

from: Harmonia artificiosa-ariosa

Sonata, Allamande, Trezza:Presto, Aria, Canario, Gigue:Presto, Pollicinello:Presto

Posted on Trinity News Jauary 8, 2004

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