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Stewardship Drive Begins at Harvest Brunch

Trinity Parish launched its 2003 stewardship drive with a three-course Harvest Brunch on Sunday October 20, addressed by a guest speaker.

The Rev. Richard Sloan, stewardship officer of the Diocese of New York, told parishioners that "God needs every single nickel that every one of us will ever have."

The Rev. Richard Sloan, stewardship officer for the Diocese of New York, addressing those gathered for Trinity's Harvest Brunch.

Pledging to give to the church, he said, was similar to marriage: "The acting of making that commitment changes the relationship permanently* The joy that we can find in giving is*. profound and can give us meaning to our lives."

The Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, vicar, urged parishioners to tithe their pre-tax income. This year, he said, pledge cards did not include provision for people to pledge their time to the parish. While this might be done later, the decision to separate the two was deliberate.

Fr. Howard said he had often addressed church classes in which, when he spoke of pledging money, someone had asked about pledging time and talents instead.

To laughter, he noted: "I've never yet been in a class where, when I've been talking about time and talents, someone at the back has said: 'What about pledging money?'"

Posted on Congregational Life October 21, 2002

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