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Trinity Church Undergoing Renovations

Trinity Church dates back to 1697, and our current sanctuary was built in 1846. So repairs and improvement are always necessary, both to make the space more useful and inviting for congregational activities and visitors, and to preserve the building for future generations. Some of those repairs and renovations are happening this spring and summer.

Trinity Exterior

Scaffolding is currently being erected on the south and west sides of the building in order to restore masonry of the church exterior. This work is expected to be completed and scaffolding removed by the end of 2014. 

Trinity Interior

The current museum space is being brightened – repairing the ceiling, replacing the lights, repainting and refinishing the floor – in order to make it a multi-function room for receptions and the week-day gift shop. This work will go on through the end of May. 

Trinity is also reopening all three front entrances to the church, returning the current gift shop space to its original function as an entrance, and moving the shop to the multi-function space. That work will happen during May and June.

Two rows of center-section pews at the back of the church will be removed in order to improve the flow of traffic and visitor reception at the entry to the church.  Those pews will be placed in storage.  This work will occur during the month of July.

Finally, the main entry to the church will be refreshed with new lighting and flooring, and the current interior glass and doors will be replaced with easier-to-open, more architecturally sensitive doors, a project scheduled for  July and August.

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