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Trinity Grants Include Response to Ebola Outbreak

At its October meeting, the Trinity vestry approved more than $1.7 million in new grants.

A grant of $300,000 was made to the Province of West Africa for emergency relief and response to the Ebola outbreak. These funds will go directly to the Dioceses of Bo and Freetown in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. 

The dioceses are coordinating with national governments and organizing local responses to educate communities about prevention; provide medical supplies for health workers; provide emergency food, particularly to those in quarantined areas; and assist with detection and case management in local communities.

Other grants approved include $396,000 to various education initiatives in the United States, $50,000 to the Metropolitan Industrial Areas Foundation to curb gun violence, and several grants totaling over $1.1 million, to Anglican dioceses in Africa to support projects of financial sustainability.

Click here for a full list of grants. 


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