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Voices from the Trinity community

Trinity Parishioner's Musical Offertory

Last Sunday’s service featured the traditional Welsh lullaby, “All Through the Night,” arranged for voices, triangle, and celli by pianist and Trinity parishioner, Lorraine Westcarr. 

A member of Trinity since 1996, Westcarr has orchestrated a number of traditional songs and hymns. “All Through the Night,” her first composition for voices, has been a favorite of hers since she was ten years old. 
Westcarr has arranged a variety of pieces for her family members, including her mother, who used to sing songs such as the "Ash Grove" and "Three Blind Mice," and her father. “My father was my first piano teacher,” she said. “I was about seven going on 8.”
“All Through the Night” was performed at the offertory. It was the first time her work has been performed at Trinity. 

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