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Vestry Election

The annual vestry election will be held Easter Tuesday, April 7, 2015, in accord with the Ordinances and the Charter of Trinity Parish. The polls will be open from 4pm until 8pm in Trinity Church. The ballots may also be submitted by mail. The mailing instructions are printed on the back of the ballots that are available in Trinity Church, St. Paul's Chapel, and will be mailed together with reply prepaid envelopes to all persons whose names are listed on the register of eligible voters on or about March 23, 2015. The instructions are also available here (PDF)

The persons about whom information is given on this announcement are the nominated candidates for Church Wardens and Vestrymen made by the Parish Nominating Committee.

The register of eligible voters is available for inspection in the Office of the Rector, 120 Broadway, 38th floor and a member of the congregation may confirm that his or her name is included on the register by emailing Every person entitled to vote at the annual election whose name has not been entered on the register of voters may be added to the rolls by making an application to the rector at the above email address stating briefly the facts supporting his or her inclusion. Application may also be made in person on the day of the election at the polling place in Trinity Church

Mr. Joseph E. Hakim
Ms. Diane B. Pollard

Members of the Vestry
Mr. Evan A. Davis
Ms. Betty A. Whelchel
Ms. Leah C. Johnson
Mr. Lawrence F. Graham
Dr. Westina Matthews Shatteen
Mr. William H. A. Wright II
Mr. Frederick Bland
Mr. Sanders Davies
Dr. Scott E. Evenbeck
Mr. Joel Motley
Ms. Suellyn P. Scull
Mr. Paul B. Yang
Mr. Robert G. Zack
Ms. Suzanne Hammett
Ms. Susan Hewitt
Mr. Macculloch M. Irving
Mr. William L. Cobb, Jr.
Mr. Eric Eve
Mr. Emory Edwards
Mr. T. Dennis Sullivan 

The nominees' biographical data and information sheets are available in Trinity Church and St. Paul's Chapel. 

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