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Vestry Elections

The following persons were elected to the Trinity Wall Street vestry in the annual election, held Easter Tuesday April 7, 2015. 
Joseph E. Hakim
Diane Pollard
Betty A. Whelchel, Clerk
Evan A. Davis, Chancellor
Leah C. Johnson
Suellyn Preston Scull
Frederick Bland
Lawrence F. Graham
Westina Matthews Shatteen
William H. A. Wright II
William L. Cobb
Sanders Davies
Scott E. Evenbeck
Joel Motley
Paul Yang
Robert G. Zack
Suzanne Hammett
Susan Hewitt
Macculloch M. Irving
Dennis Sullivan
Emory Edwards
Eric Eve
In addition to the twenty-two persons listed above, Trinity’s rector, the Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, is also a member of the vestry.
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