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Webcasting the Great Vigil With New Technology

On Saturday, April 19, 2014, webcast viewers tuned in for a Trinity first: the Great Vigil of Easter was webcast live from St. Paul’s Chapel.  While webcasting from St. Paul’s Chapel has long been on Trinity’s wish list, for many years there was no cost-effective way to accomplish that goal.  

The April 19 live webcast was made possible by a “flypack,” or mobile production studio, containing all the equipment needed for video production. Older flypacks were enormous, requiring trucks to transport them; Trinity’s new flypack, with all the equipment needed to webcast High Definition video from remote locations, including St. Paul’s Chapel, can fit easily in the back of a cab.    Technology contained in Trinity’s flypack bonds together cellular data signals in order to wirelessly transmit HD video from remote locations to the control room in the Manning wing of Trinity Church.  From there, that video is encoded live to the internet for webcast.  

Click here to watch the webcast of the Great Vigil.

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