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Who's Invited to Communion?

Imagine sitting in an Episcopal Eucharist for the first time. The congregation stands and starts going forward for communion. Do you go? Are you invited?  Officially, the Episcopal Church invites all baptized Christians to receive, but many congregations extend an invitation to all.Trinity Wall Street recorded interviews with two leading theological voices, the Rev. Dr. James Farwell and the Rev. Donald Schell, who approach the topic with respectful and well-thought-out differences.


A Path to the Communion Table

The Rev. Dr. James Farwell notes that the Book of Common Prayer is based on the assumption that Holy Communion is offered only to baptized Christians. Dr. Farwell adds that the Episcopal Church provides a way for people to learn more about, and eventually receive the sacrament.


Experiencing Holy Communion

The Rev. Donald Schell began offering Holy Communion to all persons in his California Episcopal church more than thirty years ago.  The Rev. Schell believes a person can benefit by experiencing the sacrament, even before fully understanding it.

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The Rev. Dr. James Farwell

The Rev. Donald Schell

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