Our Most Popular Videos of 2019

James Melchiorre

Videos are always a major component of the website and social channels of Trinity Church Wall Street. So, during this week between Christmas and New Year’s when many of us tend to look back on the year now coming to a close, we thought we’d review the 10 most popular videos of 2019, based on the number of views on Trinity’s various channels. Please take a look, and Happy New Year.


On Climate Change, It’s Up to Us to Do Something

Millions hit the streets in September for one of 2019’s “Climate Strikes,” led by young people, including the youth of Trinity Church Wall Street.


A Season of Creation

The Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, October 4, is often celebrated by churches with a Blessing of the Animals. Trinity had not scheduled that kind of service in many years, but that changed on the first Saturday in October when people brought their beloved animals, including stuffed animals and animals remembered in photos, to St. Paul’s Chapel.


Courageous and Just: Kelly Brown Douglas with Austin Channing Brown

Episcopal Divinity School at Union Seminary partnered with Trinity on a series called “Courageous and Just” about emerging leaders in the church. The series included an interview by the Very Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas with author Austin Channing Brown.


Awaiting the Return of the High Altar

The rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church Wall Street included what is called the High Altar and Astor Reredos which date from 1877. Beginning Christmas Eve, the altar will have a role it has not filled in a half-century, and thus requires new clothing.


Flowers and Worship: A Long Tradition

Everybody is accustomed to seeing flowers in church. However, at Trinity, those flowers are far more than decoration.


A Conversation Between Philip Glass and Julian Wachner

August 2019 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Symphony No. 5 by Philip Glass and the release of a new recording, made inside Trinity Church, of that monumental work, conducted by Julian Wachner. Glass and Wachner spoke in an extended interview about Glass’ career.


Stonewall: A Priest Remembers

June 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, an iconic event in the history of the movement to bring full inclusion to LGBTQ citizens. The Rev. Jack Moody, a gay man, was serving as a priest at Trinity Church Wall Street at that time and looked back on the event that occurred just a few steps from his home.


The Path to Closing Rikers

The New York City Council voted in October to close, over the next several years, Rikers Island Jail and replace it with four smaller—and more humane—jails in four of the city’s five boroughs. The vote to close Rikers came only after an enormous, community-based effort that was joined by Trinity Church Wall Street and led by people who had personally experienced the cruelty of Rikers.


A Reflective Ritual

Compline is a service of the Daily Office that dates back at least a millennium and a half in Christian history, and Trinity Church Wall Street has found a way to combine Compline with improvisational music to make it a weekly custom for scores of people.


Visit the Trinity Retreat Center

Just two years ago, Trinity Church Wall Street reopened a property in western Connecticut as the Trinity Retreat Center. In 2019, the retreat center grew even busier, perhaps an indication of the common need we all have to “get away.”