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2019 Holy Land Pilgrimage
James Melchiorre

A group of 27 pilgrims from the community of Trinity Church Wall Street is traveling through the Holy Land this week, following the footsteps of Jesus, and visiting the places associated with his birth, ministry, and the days leading up to his public execution. This land brings the stories of scripture to life and has been a crossroad of major cultures and faiths from prehistory to present day. The Rev. Daniel Simons of Trinity and Iyad Qumri, a native of Jerusalem and a tour guide for more than 20 years, are leading the pilgrimage and will open doors to extraordinary opportunities throughout the region, assisted by the Anglican Diocese of the Middle East.

We ask you to keep the pilgrims in your prayers.  The Trinity community will pray for them at Holy Eucharist on Sunday March 31 using these words:

We commit and commend to you our Trinity Pilgrims in the Holy Land. Guide and direct them, O God, gently, irresistibly, increasingly, so that they will walk their pilgrim way steadily, and in a sure light; and never dally or slip aside, or stand still, or sink down. Move them, O God, by the pulse of your presence, by the spur of spiritual longing for closer intimacy with Jesus Christ, your Onlybegotten and Beloved One; so that in Holy Places they will be filled with Holy Grace to move onward and upward into your presence.

(Written by the Very Rev. Eric Milner-White, adapted by the Rev. Bruce Jenneker)

During the group’s Pilgrimage, you can follow along on Instagram Stories at @TrinityWallSt. The travelers will also be using #HolyLandPilgrimage for their social media posts.