Planting "Trees"

James Melchiorre

The rejuvenation of the Trinity Church nave will include installation of a canopy along the southern facade of the 173-year-old church building.

The first step toward accomplishing that task is lifting, with the help of a crane truck, the large "trees" that will support the canopy. 

Next, workers manipulate those "trees" to anchor them to the ground.

It still requires a little imagination, but it becomes increasingly easier to see how the canopy will rest on the "trees" and extend outward to create a covered path. When completed, the canopy will allow Trinity priests and liturgists to walk in procession, in all kinds of weather, from the sacristy to the main, east-facing door of the church on Broadway, and then into the nave for the start of Sunday worship.

The rejuvenated nave of Trinity Church Wall Street will reopen in 2020.

Photography by Colin Winterbottom