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The great treasure of Trinity Church Wall Street is the diversity of congregation members who come through its doors on their pilgrimages. For more than twenty-five years Trinity offered an Eastertide class of Commitment to Discipleship as a means of deepening one's commitment to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and preparing them to be confirmed, received or reaffirmed.

In 1989 one of the pew sitters who joined the class was a recent Smith College graduate, Jennifer Baskerville. On the Read more

On April 30, 1789, George Washington stood on the portico at Federal Hall, placed his hand on a bible borrowed from the local Masonic lodge, and took the presidential oath of office. The oath was administered by Chancellor of the State of New York, Robert Livingston, who then turned to the crowd and shouted, “Long live George Washington, President of the United States!” As the crowd cheered, Washington turned and walked into the senate chamber to deliver his inaugural address.

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Trinity community members at the Illuminating Our Core Values event. 

How do you describe integrity?

The question came up Thursday, April 20, at an evening event called Illuminating Our Core Values, sponsored by Trinity Church Wall Street.

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Following a three month long discernment and election process open to Trinity members, we are pleased to announce the new Vestry to serve until Easter Tuesday, April 3, 2018:
Mr. Joseph E. Hakim
Mr. Joel Motley
Members of the Vestry
Mr. Frederick Bland
Mr. Lawrence F. Graham
Mr. William H.A. Wright II
Mr. William Cobb
Mr. Sanders Davies
Dr. Scott E. Evenbeck
Mr. Read more

April 16 marks the 23rd anniversary of the death of Ralph Waldo Ellison, interred at Trinity Church Cemetery. Ellison was a novelist, essayist, and critic best known for his 1952 novel, Invisible Man.

Born in Oklahoma City, Ellison worked a variety of odd jobs before attending the Tuskegee Institute to study music. In 1936 he moved to New York City to earn money for the Read more

The Civil War is often referred to as a war fought “Brother against brother,” a description perfectly suited to Thomas and Percival Drayton.

Born to a prominent family in Charleston, the brothers were separated in 1833 when their father, a unionist, moved the family to Philadelphia. Thomas chose to stay in South Carolina, working as an engineer and later elected to the State Legislator, where he was an outspoken supporter of slavery and state rights. Percival began his military career Read more

The Rt. Rev. Ellinah Wamukoya, The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Trinity Institute 2017: Water Justice, Trinity's theolgoical conference, coincided with the second week of Lent. In order to enhance that vital season of prayer, study, and repentance, members of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network created a Lent Study Guide. You can find the first reflection below or download the entire study guide Read more

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter, this year on April 9. The liturgy reenacts Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem with a procession and palm branches.

The Gospels describe Jesus entering Jerusalem before his crucifixion, riding on a colt or a donkey. A crowd of people greeted him with cries of Read more

Maggy Laraque, Program Manager for Mission & Service Engagement

A group of nine staff, congregation members, and friends of Trinity Church Wall Street went on a four-day mission trip to New Orleans, a journey that helped us deepen our faith and grow spiritually.

“My life has been enriched by this experience and I truly appreciate the values we share as a community of faith,” said Jacqueline Woody, a friend of Trinity from Maryland.

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Did you know that April 6 is national Plan Your Epitaph Day?

An epitaph is a brief inscription that appears on a grave to memorialize the deceased, usually written by loved ones after the person has died. In many ways your epitaph is the last opportunity to say how you want to be remembered; why let someone else say it for you? Imagine 50 or even 100 years from now, a passerby strolls past your final resting place, what do you want to tell them about yourself? 

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