St. Paul's Organ Installation: The IKEA Phase

This week, workers from Noack Organ Co. of Georgetown, Massachusetts, began installing St. Paul’s "new-to-us" organ. The progress has been swift. In 48 hours, the 1802 case from St. Paul’s first organ has been mostly erected and much of the instrument’s interior structure is shown in place.

Noack workers jokingly call this the “IKEA phase,” because the work is similar to putting together a table from the Swedish company. But don’t be fooled. The organ’s inner workings were built with care in the Noack shop over the last six months, and St. Paul’s historic 1802 organ case meticulously repaired. Last week, it was taken apart, trucked to New York, and is now being assembled in St. Paul’s. The work will slow down considerably over the next five weeks as pipes, windchests, and other workings are fitted, tested, and allowed to settle before the organ makes its public debut.


Please note: the chapel will be closed following Sunday morning services while a new organ is being installed. The 8am Holy Eucharist and 9:15am Family Eucharist will be held as regulargly scheduled. Compline will take place in Trinity Church.