Trinity Church Rejuvenation

Trinity Church Wall Street is conducting a two-year rejuvenation project to enhance the overall worship experience, make spaces accessible and welcoming, upgrade technology and infrastructure, and address deferred maintenance. As of Monday, May 7, 2018 the nave, or main body, of Trinity Church has been closed to the public.

During the rejuvenation, the 8 am, 9:15 am, 11:15 am, and 8 pm Compline services are taking place at St. Paul’s Chapel, up the street at Fulton and Broadway.

Trinity's Chapel of All Saints remains open during the closing of the nave and the following services are held there:

Sunday Worship at 9 am
Morning Prayer Weekdays at 8:15 am and 9 am
Midday Eucharist Weekdays at 12:05 pm
Evening Prayer Weekdays at 5:15 pm

Webcasts of the Sunday 11:15 am Eucharist and the midday Eucharist each Monday through Friday at 12:05 pm continue during the rejuvenation.

Please enjoy the photos, stories, and videos below for a closer look into our rejuvenation project and the exciting history we are uncovering as we work to preserve this historic building for generations to come.

A Tour in Photos

Trinity Church Rejuvenation

James Melchiorre

The rejuvenation of the Trinity Church nave will include installation of a canopy along the southern facade of the 173-year-old church building.

The first step toward accomplishing that task is lifting, with the help of a crane truck, the large "trees" that will support the canopy. 

Next, workers manipulate those Read more

The High Altar of Trinity Church Wall Street dates back more than 140 years, but has not been used for worship for almost half a century. When it returns to New York after rejuvenation, the altar will be placed in a new position in the Trinity Church nave, utilized regularly for liturgy, and draped with altar cloths that are now being designed. Read more

Since the rejuvenation of the church began fifteen months ago, scores of people have visited for brief tours to view the progress of the work. In July, members of the New York chapter of the Commercial Interior Design Association stopped by and, as you might expect in a 173-year-old building, some fascinating details emerged.Read more

James Melchiorre

The project of rejuvenating the nave of Trinity Church is now into its fourteenth month.  This is the first major refurbishing of the interior of the historic 1846 building in almost 75 years and the process has shifted from demolition to the stage of rebuilding.

The high altar is perhaps the prime example. Dating back almost a century-and-a-half, the altar was de-constructed in the summer of 2018. Read more

When rejuvenation work on the nave of Trinity Church revealed a burial vault beneath the pews, a visit to the the Trinity Archives uncovered the story of the McVickar family, whose vault was originally located just outside of the second Trinity Church building. The Rev. Phillip Jackson, Vicar, told the story of a parish family of the past to today's congregation members on a recent tour of the church interior.

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Among the challenges of rejuvenating the nave of Trinity Church are the sheer size and height of the interior space in the 173-year-old Neo-Gothic structure. Construction team members figured out a way, through a complex structure of scaffolding, to inspect and repair the ceiling and the high windows and walls, and recently gave Trinity Vicar, the Rev. Phillip Jackson, a “high-level” tour.Read more

James Melchiorre

Trinity Church Wall Street is rejuvenating the nave of its 173-year-old church building.  It’s the biggest internal renovation project in 75 years.

One of several goals of the project is to bring more light into the church, considered both an example of Gothic Revival architecture as well as the masterpiece of the 19th-century architect Richard Upjohn.

Trinity Church features clerestory windows on the north and south sides of the building. The rejuvenation includes fabricating

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Jeffrey Murphy, architect and founding partner, MBB

The rejuvenation of Trinity Church Wall Street offers a case study consistent with one of Trinity’s six Core Values: attention to stewardship. The project’s design team, led by MBB Architects and including a wide range of designers, engineers, and specialists, has been working with Trinity for years to examine and address all the facets of rejuvenating this 172-year-old landmark.

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The nave of Trinity Church Wall Street closed six months ago for rejuvenation so tour guides have been concentrating on the church exterior when escorting tourists in Lower Manhattan. Because tour guides are Trinity’s neighbors, on November 7th they received a tour inside the church, and a preview of what’s to come when rejuvenation is complete.Read more

The two-year rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church will eventually extend to the Chapel of All Saints, but one venerable fixture of the chapel has already received some love and attention. Steve Leavitt is the artist who recently repaired the tapestry, and Leavitt has traveled a remarkable career path.Read more