Trinity Church Rejuvenation

Trinity Church Rejuvenation

Trinity Church Wall Street is embarking upon a two-year rejuvenation project to enhance the overall worship experience, make spaces accessible and welcoming, upgrade technology and infrastructure, and address deferred maintenance. As a result, beginning Monday, May 7, the nave, or main body, of Trinity Church will be closed.

Beginning Sunday May 13, the 8 am, 9:15 am, 11:15 am, and 8 pm Compline services will take place at St. Paul’s Chapel.

The Chapel of All Saints will remain open during the closing of the nave and the following services will be held there:

Sunday Worship at 9 am
Morning Prayer Weekdays at 8:15 am and 9 am
Midday Eucharist Weekdays at 12:05 pm
Evening Prayer Weekdays at 5:15 pm

Webcasts of the Sunday 11:15 am Eucharist and the midday Eucharist each Monday through Friday at 12:05 pm will continue during the period of rejuvenation.

Feel free to peruse the photos, stories, and videos below for a closer look into our rejuvenation project.

A Tour in Photos

The nave of Trinity Church Wall Street closed six months ago for rejuvenation so tour guides have been concentrating on the church exterior when escorting tourists in Lower Manhattan. Because tour guides are Trinity’s neighbors, on November 7th they received a tour inside the church, and a preview of what’s to come when rejuvenation is complete.Read more

The two-year rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church will eventually extend to the Chapel of All Saints, but one venerable fixture of the chapel has already received some love and attention. Steve Leavitt is the artist who recently repaired the tapestry, and Leavitt has traveled a remarkable career path.Read more

The rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church Wall Street has now moved into its fifth month and the work has continued to unveil chapters of the three-hundred years of parish history. Trinity’s Vicar, the Rev. Phillip Jackson, explains some of the intriguing new discoveries of the rejuvenation, and the creative architectural solutions to current challenges. Read more

Music is both a tradition and a ministry at Trinity Church Wall Street so the two-year period of rejuvenation of the church nave will include the first completely new organ since the current church building was completed in 1846. Choosing, building, testing, and installing a new pipe organ are complex tasks, as Julian Wachner, Trinity’s Director of Music and the Arts explains in this video segment, and the benefits to Trinity’s neighborhood will continue for decades.

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Lynn Goswick

Years after the hit movie National Treasure was released, Trinity docents are still asked if there is treasure under the church. Usually the answer is no, but Trinity’s rejuvenation efforts may cause tour guides to adjust their scripts.

At a recent tour of the rejuvenation work in Trinity Church, Senior Construction Project Manager Luke

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People who remember the exterior of Trinity Church Wall Street in the 1980s, and earlier, recall walls black with soot, a consequence of the 1846 building having stood through New York City's experience of the Industrial Revolution. Now, as Trinity rejuvenates the nave of the church, there are discoveries that reveal how the outside walls looked more than a half-century ago, long before the more recent 1990 "power-washing" turned the black into the original color.

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Trinity Church Wall Street’s rejuvenation of the nave of its historic building has moved into its tenth week with a major step in the process: deconstruction of the high altar, but there’s no need to panic—each individual piece of the altar is being painstakingly inventoried so it can be rebuilt. This phase of the project has uncovered a couple of rather ordinary items that have been sealed behind brick and not seen in 142 years.

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The rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church Wall Street in early July will move into what’s called the “demolition” phase, when most of the major work in the two-year project will be completed. However, much has already happened in the early weeks of rejuvenation, as Trinity Vicar Phil Jackson explained, and demonstrated, in this June 24th tour.

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During the rejuvenation of the nave of Trinity Church weekday services and the Sunday 9am service are being held in the Chapel of All Saints, a 1913 addition the building.

The Chapel is a memorial to the Rev. Dr. Morgan Dix, Rector of Trinity Parish from November 10, 1862 until his death on April 10, 1908. His 44-year

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Trinity Church Wall Street is rejuvenating the nave, the largest and primary worship space in its building at Broadway and Wall Street, a project expected to require about two years to complete. Yet for a church with the long history of Trinity, the rejuvenation period is like a blink of an eye, especially considering the parish’s alternative spaces available for worship and other congregational activities.

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