Trinity Church Rejuvenation

Chapel of All Saints Closed For Rejuvenation

James Melchiorre

The Chapel of All Saints, in Trinity Church Wall Street, is next on the schedule for rejuvenation.

Beginning Monday, February 3, 2020, the chapel will be closed for a period of approximately six months.

During that time, lighting in the chapel will be enhanced, especially in the area of the crucifix near the ceiling, new cameras will be installed to improve live-streaming of worship services, and some adjustments will be made in the floor levels to increase accessibility. As part of the chapel rejuvenation, a new organ will be installed in 2022. That organ, called Opus 26, is considered especially appropriate for music from the baroque period, and is currently under construction at Richards, Fowkes & Co. in southeast Tennessee.


The crucifix near the ceiling of the chapel.

During the rejuvenation of the Chapel of All Saints, the following services and neighborhood activities will move to the chancel area in the nave of Trinity Church or to the Rapp Room. Check the events calendar for updated locations and ask for directions if needed when you arrive at the main Broadway entrance of the church. Access to the North Churchyard during this phase of the rejuvenation will only be accessible via Trinity Place. 

Morning Prayer, Monday through Friday at 8:15am

Morning Prayer, Monday through Friday at 9:00am

The Sister Is In, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30am-11:45am

Holy Eucharist, Monday through Friday at 12:05pm

The Broad Way Bible Study, Monday at 1:00pm

Evening Prayer, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15pm

Evensong, Thursday at 5:15pm

Scripture, Reflection, & Compline, Tuesday at 6:00pm (Rapp Room)

Catch Your Breath, a time of stillness, centering, and meditation, Wednesday at 1:30pm (Rapp Room)

Trinity has recently completed much of the work in a 20-month rejuvenation project in the nave of its 174-year-old church building. Trinity Church was designed by architect Richard Upjohn and is the third building on the same site at Broadway and Wall Street since the parish was first established in 1697. The church is open each day from 7am until 6pm.

The Chapel of All Saints was added to the building in 1914.