Trinity Church Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation Church Service Listings

Trinity Church Wall Street is embarking upon a two-year rejuvenation project to enhance the overall worship experience, make spaces accessible and welcoming, upgrade technology and infrastructure, and address deferred maintenance. The nave, or main body, of Trinity Church will be closed during rejuvenation, but services will continue to be scheduled as follows:


8am             Eucharist                                                  St. Paul’s Chapel
9am             Eucharist                                                 Chapel of All Saints
9:15am        Family Service                                         St. Paul’s Chapel
11:15am      Eucharist                                                  St. Paul’s Chapel  
8pm             Compline                                                 St. Paul’s Chapel

Mondays through Fridays

8:15am        Morning Prayer                                       Chapel of All Saints
9am             Morning Prayer                                       Chapel of All Saints
12:05pm      Eucharist                                                  Chapel of All Saints
5:15pm        Evening Prayer (Evensong/Thursday)     Chapel of All Saints

St. Paul’s Chapel is located at Broadway and Fulton Street.

The Chapel of All Saints is located on the north (uptown) side of Trinity Church.