Trinity Church Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation Update

Over the past several months, as the church design team has developed the scope for a possible interior rejuvenation, a team has mocked up portions of the church to test lighting, cleaning techniques, and paint colors. The scaffolding that was used to reach the ceiling and upper walls in the chancel and on the west side of the nave have been taken down. You can see photos of the paint mockup below.

Experimentation with lighting will continue to take place after the scaffolding has been removed. At some point after the holidays, new scaffolding will be put in place to facilitate the cleaning of columns that were obscured by the old scaffolding.

Exterior scaffolding installed on the southern wall of the church provides access to one of the yellow stained-glass windows in the clerestory, the upper part of the nave that is clear of the roof and allows light into the church. The lower stained glass will be cleaned for the mock up. Learn more about this process.

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